Treatment Options

IONIEEating Raw

Nourish your body, mind and spirit with our weekly menu of organic vegan gourmet cuisine. So delicious you won’t believe it’s raw

Advanced Rolfing®

A renowned form of soft tissue manipulation used to improve posture and flexibility while reducing stress.


The power and value of touch is profound. Experience it through our deep tissue, therapeutic and relaxation therapies.

Spiritual Counseling

Support in helping you discover your own inner wisdom. 

The Feldenkrais Method®

A process for relearning how to move with ease & comfort — reducing limitations. Individual or group classes available.

Crystal Light Bath

Balance and align your chakras. Alleviates stress, relieves insomnia, depression and more.

Quantum Bio Feedback

Your physical and energy bodies work interchangeably. Helping one helps the other. Quantum Biofeedback energetically helps you heal yourself, and get back into balance.

Oxygenated Steam Sauna

The pairing of heat with concentrated oxygen (03) in an individual steam sauna unit can help detoxify the body, improve heart function & circulation while stimulating metabolism and weight loss. A perfect pre or postmassage treatment for enhanced relaxation.

Private and Class Yoga Instruction

Learn yoga at your own pace for your own body. Experience the benefits of individual instruction and feedback as you practice breathing, stretching, strengthening and relaxation.


According to reflex theory, points on the soles of the feet correspond to major organs of the body. Pressure & stimulation to these points can reduce tension and fatigue and create energy throughout the whole body.

Shamanic Healing

The power of shamanic healing lies in clearing the energetic imprints that keep us tied to old stories, trauma, patterns and pain. When these imprints are cleared, you are given the power to create a new map for your life that is filled with fresh experiences––those which have, until now, lived only in your dreams.